Philadelphia Driver License Suspension Lawyer

Did you recently find out your Pennsylvania License Was Suspended? Sometimes, you don’t even know your license is suspended until after a police officer stops you and gives you a ticket, or you go to renew your license. If this sounds like you, there are any number of reasons why your license could have been suspended.

Why Was My License Suspended?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is the agency in charge of issuing Driver's Licenses, permits, and identification cards. PennDOT maintains a list of people who are ineligible to drive, along with reasons for said ineligibility.

License Suspension Lawyer Philadelphia

Here are several common reasons PennDOT will not issue you a license:

Unpaid Tickets: If you received a ticket, but never responded to the court, your license is placed on an indefinite hold until you respond. This is also true if you did not pay or stopped paying your tickets. Until you respond to the court, your license remains suspended.

An Unacknowledged Suspension: If you got a ticket that results in a Suspension, you have to turn in your license or send in a form stating that you know you are suspended. If you don’t do this, PennDOT will effectively keep your license frozen, and you won’t be able to get your new license.

Condition of Restoration Not Done: This can be as easy to fix as simply paying a restoration fee or as complicated as a probation office not sending a prison release requirement or proof that you completed court ordered treatment. This can be frustrating, because most of these situations are not controlled by you. It is important to get outside help if any of these apply to you, because until the third party agency sends the documents to PennDOT, you can’t drive.

Blocked by a Police Agency: There are times when State Police investigate multiple licenses, or the same pictures on different licenses. If this is the case, the police will block you from renewing or obtaining an ID or driver license. This is a very serious situation, since these cases are police criminal investigations and can lead to serious consequences, including jail. You should get a lawyer as soon as possible if this has happened to you.

You Have 2 License Numbers: This is one of the more frustrating situations for people because PennDOT never notifies you that you have a second number. A number is generated by PennDOT if you are found guilty of any offense that has a license suspension attached to it. Some examples include: DUI, Truancy, and Underage Drinking. Most of the time, someone doesn’t even have a PA ID or license number, but they get one issued anyway. After it’s issued, the person doesn’t know they have to acknowledge their suspension, so they go on living life. Years later, they get a new license and PennDOT doesn’t make the connection until even later, and they then suspend your license. It doesn’t seem fair, but PennDOT puts it on you to get everything done.

Driver's License Suspension Lawyer Philadelphia

PennDOT is run by human beings, and human beings can make errors. However, you are expected by PennDOT to not make any errors. While you can try to handle your License Suspension issues on your own, it is likely that you will fail, because PennDOT’s rules are hard to navigate. You should hire an experienced suspended license attorney to handle any issues you have. The Traffic Attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. have decades of experience handling these issues. Please Contact Us today to schedule a free consultation.

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